Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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The Galaxy Reporters brings you all the recent and trending local happenings from the USA.

Washington May Face Snowy Winter With Average Temperature, Forecaster Says

From Sunday, the metrological winter for Washington has started. The winter season will be from December to February. Apart from that all, the northeast part of the city is already getting...

Heavy snowfall on Northeast to go on for another day due to stubborn storm

Till Tuesday, in the winter storm, nearly eight people are dead. With the rain is not showing any signs of getting weak, now it seems that it may continue till another...

Trump leaves to London to attain the NATO summit

On Monday, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, leaves for London. There he will attain the NATO summit. But with that, you can see that Trump is now under...

Two business executives with other 7 die in South Dakota Plane Crash

On Saturday, nearly nine people killed due to a plane crash that took place in South Dakota. In that crash, the pilot, nine people, and two children had lost their life...

Heavy rainfall in California leads to an emergency rescue

San Diego Sector Border Patrol Agents almost made twenty-second rescues in the twenty-four hours. After receiving the notification about the distress call from a mother and her daughter on 29th November...

An investigation is going on by Chicago officials due to the viral video

On Friday, Chicago police opened the investigation due to the viral video. The viral video was posted on Thursday, which showed the police officer was slamming a man onto the ground...

White Thanksgiving ended the fire season in Southern California

Southern California marked four to five inches of snow during the last two days. As per the report, almost three inches of snow fell in close by Palmdale. The Southern part...

Two guests died and five others hospitalized in Belize bus accident

On Wednesday, a bus accident took place in Belize were two American passengers were killed, and almost five other passengers were injured. The passenger was traveling in Belize as a part...

Grandmother holidays for fourth time with the same teen whom she texted mistakenly

The entire process started as Wand Dench, a 62 years lady at present, mistakenly texted a wrong person thinking him as his grandson, thus inviting him to Thanksgiving. The wrong person...

Gordon Sondland, the prime witness of Trump impeachment accused of sexual misconduct

European Union ambassador appointed by President Trump, Gordon Sondland, is confronting charges of deliberately kissing and misbehaving in front of three ladies more than ten years past. As per the Monday report...

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