Saturday, September 18, 2021
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The Galaxy Reporters brings you all the recent and trending local happenings from the USA.

A boy who was thrown from a Mall of America walks perfectly fine

In the bizarre incident, it was seen that a young boy was thrown down from the third floor of the mall balcony. In this incident, it was observed that he got...

Ruth Bader, The Supreme Court Justice, released from hospital after two days

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader was said to be faced with some health problems. She felt chills and fever before some two days. After that, she was admitted to the hospital...

Fear of Norovirus outbreak, Colorado School district gets shuts

In the recent major fear of an outbreak of a deadly virus, it is seen that Colorado school district is now being shut. All these steps are taken so that the...

Impeachment motion may boost Dems, but still, they get resistance from Republicans

As the situation is getting worse day by day and many things are occurring for the impeachment inquiry, now Democrats are being feared about it. They are currently in fear that...

Mike Pompeo still wants to run for Senate but with the blessing of Trump

As per Republicans, it was said that the secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now again poised to run for the open US Senate seat. He wants to stand from his...

Teen uses a remote-control car for cross border meth supply, officials say

In the recent development, it was seen that US Border Patrol officers had arrested a 16-year-old boy. He is a US citizen who is living near the US-Mexico border in San...

Man Kills Himself After Killing His Wife and Her New Boyfriend

Yesterday, Oklahoma police confirmed a shooting that killed three people in the city. The accused killed himself after killing his wife and her new boyfriend. The event took place near the...

Media Outlets Update Their Respective Articles After Writer Admits a Major Fault in Stats

In an exciting development, several media outlets forced to withdraw their initial report of comparison of migrant child detention between the tenure of former President Barrack Obama and President Donald Trump.  The...

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