Saturday, September 18, 2021
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A woman got injured at Moorpark animal sanctuary

Patty Perry got injured by a tiger at Moorpark animal sanctuary  On Saturday morning, Perry who was enjoying the Moorpark animal sanctuary got attack by a tiger. In that tiger attack, she...

About The Man of Saudi Arabia Who Took Lives

In a horrible incident that took place in Florida, a gunman killed three people at the Navy air station located in Florida. As per sources, the gunman came from Saudi Arabia....
Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Firing: Victim Identified

On Wednesday, a Navy Sailor killed two employees of the Defense Department at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. The incident also left one more employee severely injured. However, the Navy identified the...

Trump now heads to SC for keeping his secret of finances intact

On Thursday, Donald Trump asks the Supreme Court of the US to keep his financial report secret. After that plea from Trump, the things now seem to be going out of...

A Blind prisoner got death sentence for killing ex-girlfriend in 1991

Putting an end to a 1991 killing case, a blind prisoner was found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend. Earlier, he was in prison in a conviction for killing his ex when...

Democrat Denny Heck will not be going for Re-election

On Wednesday, Denny Heck said that he would not go for re-election. He is from Democrat of Washington and expected to run for the 2020 election. The reason is that the...

700,000 to lose their food stamps as USDA requirement changing

On Wednesday, Trump administration passes the new work requirements for all recipients of food stamps. In this latest move, it will nearly cost hundreds of thousands of people to lose access...

Out of four, two teens have been found after escaping from Nashville detention center

In the recent news, a police state in a statement that two teenagers out of four are now in the detention centre.  The teens who are caught by police for breaking out...

Washington May Face Snowy Winter With Average Temperature, Forecaster Says

From Sunday, the metrological winter for Washington has started. The winter season will be from December to February. Apart from that all, the northeast part of the city is already getting...

Heavy snowfall on Northeast to go on for another day due to stubborn storm

Till Tuesday, in the winter storm, nearly eight people are dead. With the rain is not showing any signs of getting weak, now it seems that it may continue till another...

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