Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Kansas City

In The Kansas City Shooting Two People Died, Fifteen People Were Injured

According to the Kansas City Police, two people died, and fifteen people were injured at Kansas City. Sunday midnight, the shooting took place outside the bar. During the Kansas City shooting,...

UK’s Johnson Suggestion to Replace Obama-Era Iran Deal with Trump-Era Deal

For many days, there is a speculation about the changing of the Obama-era Iranian agreement. Now the same is going to happen as it is now confirmed by US President Donald...

The Stage is Now Set For Final Impeachment Procedure

After the House has given the go-ahead for the impeachment, now the wait seems to be over. It is nearly four weeks, and now the trail is all set to begin....

Who is responsible for the Flight 752 crash? Canadian Questioned

It seems that Canadians are not happy with the matters that are happing between Iran and the United States. Recently, some Canadian questioned who is responsible for the downing for Flight...

Appeals Court Allows Trump Administration to Use Defense Department Fund

Recently, a federal appeals court allowed the Trump administration to use some sets of Defense funds for constructing the wall near the Mexico border. In December, a lower court blocked the...

Iran Military Commander Promises to take Revenge

The American embassies across the Middle East warned the possibility of missile and rocket attacks on Americans from Iran. On Monday, the embassy located in Jerusalem warned all the American citizens...

Suspect in Hostage at a Rockford Credit Union Surrenders After Six Hours

On Friday night, an armed suspect surrendered who allegedly held a women hostage. According to the report, the gunman kept one bank employee inside. He asked several other people to leave...

China deal may get praise from officials of Trump

Recently, the Trump administration went for a trade deal with China. As they sign the agreement, the officials of Trump administration predicting about the gains from these deals. The loss of...

Maryland Police Officer Charged with a Couple of Rape

In an unfortunate incident, a police officer from Maryland charged with the rape of two women and sexually assaulting the third one. The victims filed a charge sheet about the incident...

Booker Criticized Big Money in the PE

Recently, Sen. Kamala Harris ended her presidential race, owing to the financial difficulties. Not a long ago, Kamala often termed as the leading contestant for Democrats, while her decision came at...

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