Saturday, September 18, 2021
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UK’s Johnson Suggestion to Replace Obama-Era Iran Deal with Trump-Era Deal

For many days, there is a speculation about the changing of the Obama-era Iranian agreement. Now the same is going to happen as it is now confirmed by US President Donald...

Maryland Police Officer Charged with a Couple of Rape

In an unfortunate incident, a police officer from Maryland charged with the rape of two women and sexually assaulting the third one. The victims filed a charge sheet about the incident...

Mike Pompeo still wants to run for Senate but with the blessing of Trump

As per Republicans, it was said that the secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now again poised to run for the open US Senate seat. He wants to stand from his...

A woman got injured at Moorpark animal sanctuary

Patty Perry got injured by a tiger at Moorpark animal sanctuary  On Saturday morning, Perry who was enjoying the Moorpark animal sanctuary got attack by a tiger. In that tiger attack, she...

Gordon Sondland, the prime witness of Trump impeachment accused of sexual misconduct

European Union ambassador appointed by President Trump, Gordon Sondland, is confronting charges of deliberately kissing and misbehaving in front of three ladies more than ten years past. As per the Monday report...

Media Outlets Update Their Respective Articles After Writer Admits a Major Fault in Stats

In an exciting development, several media outlets forced to withdraw their initial report of comparison of migrant child detention between the tenure of former President Barrack Obama and President Donald Trump.  The...

Iran Military Commander Promises to take Revenge

The American embassies across the Middle East warned the possibility of missile and rocket attacks on Americans from Iran. On Monday, the embassy located in Jerusalem warned all the American citizens...
Mark Cuban about the National game a the Mavericks.

Mavericks Of The Mark Cuban will Be Not Play The National Anthem Anymore.

Till now no one has heard about the Mavericks game protests against the national anthem but this time the thing is true that Mavericks no longer will be playing the national...
Paige Bueckers

Paige Bueckers takes the No. 2 UConn in order to win the No. 1...

The coach of the UConn women's basketball Geno Auriemma always liked to make analogies of other sports, Auriemma famed Jim Brown and came up the lady talked about the freshman sensation...

The Stage is Now Set For Final Impeachment Procedure

After the House has given the go-ahead for the impeachment, now the wait seems to be over. It is nearly four weeks, and now the trail is all set to begin....

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