Tuesday, January 25, 2022


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iOS 15

iOS 15 Leaks: Expected Updates With The New iOS

Some of the test reports suggest that now it's time for Apple to come with the latest iOS 15 for the pro models which makes them unique from the other models. It...

WhatsApp To Finally Launch New Feature Of Multi-Device Support

Some of the sources suggest that WhatsApp is finally working on the development of the most awaited feature that is true multi-device support. According to the sources it has been reported...
Vizio's New 40-inch TV 2022

Vizio’s New 40-inch TV 2022 With VRR Less Than $250

As everyone knows, this year has been lined up with the new PS5, Xbox Series X, or new PCs. So, if any one of the users is thinking of a new...
MatePad Pro

Huawei’s HarmonyOS Finally Launches On Tablets With MatePad Pro

Huawei finally announces the three new MatePad tablets. The three include a new 12.6-inch MatePad Pro, a smaller 10.8-inch MatePad Pro, and a new MatePad 11. So, the change in the...

Apple To Develop A Combined HomePod/Apple TV Device

According to some of the rumours it has been suggested that Apple is working on the development of a single device that is a Combined HomePod/Apple TV. It was rumoured earlier...
Apple Watch Series 3

iOS14.6 Now Reminds The Users Of Apple Watch Series 3 To Restore Their Device...

As many of the rumors suggest that Apple has been criticized for the fact to stop the sale and manufacturing of the Apple Watch Series 3. Because many bugs are coming...
Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Game Preview: Everything We Know So Far

The game Far Cry 6 is all about the “guerilla fantasy”. According to the director of the game Navid Khavari, it’s about taking the experiences of real-world freedom fighters and using...
Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 Comes With New Updates More Than Just The Security Fixes

Samsung Software support team s always in the hope to shine in the market. From the point of pushing the security features ahead of time to the point of promising three-generation...
Redesign Apple Airpods

Redesign Apple Airpods Launches Soon

It is rumored that Apple will be relating the Redesign Apple Airpods in the year 2021 and the new version of the Apple AirPods Pro in the next year 2022. It suggests...

Fitbit Devices To Track Your Snoring

Fitbit is already offering sleep-tracking services on its devices since the year 2017. From the start, only the company has focused on measuring the heart rate and the movement to provide...

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