Monday, June 21, 2021


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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Game Preview: Everything We Know So Far

The game Far Cry 6 is all about the “guerilla fantasy”. According to the director of the game Navid Khavari, it’s about taking the experiences of real-world freedom fighters and using...
Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 Comes With New Updates More Than Just The Security Fixes

Samsung Software support team s always in the hope to shine in the market. From the point of pushing the security features ahead of time to the point of promising three-generation...
Redesign Apple Airpods

Redesign Apple Airpods Launches Soon

It is rumored that Apple will be relating the Redesign Apple Airpods in the year 2021 and the new version of the Apple AirPods Pro in the next year 2022. It suggests...

Fitbit Devices To Track Your Snoring

Fitbit is already offering sleep-tracking services on its devices since the year 2017. From the start, only the company has focused on measuring the heart rate and the movement to provide...
Samsung Tab 8

Samsung Next Gen Tab 8 Leaked With A Suprise

As everyone knows that Android Tabs in the world has not a good market. But when we talk about the Samsung Tabs then it comes that to be trending in the...
Sony, Play Station

Sony To Launch All Play Station Games In Mobile Till 2021

Jim Ryan one of Sony's Interactive Entertainment's boss. He states that the company is planning to bring some of the iconic Playstation games to mobile this year. As in today's gen mobile...
Google Pixel

Google Pixel To Offer Translate Apps For The Android Phones

Google allows the user to use the translate app on the web and the user can change the content into any language with the help of that only on the web....
Nintendo Switch

New Nintendo Switch Will Reportedly Be Released Till September

The reports suggest that Nintendo is planning of launching the new upgraded switch for the new Nintendo. It is expected that the new switch will be launched in September or October...
Facebook And Instagram

Now A Chance To Users To Hide Likes On Facebook And Instagram, Feature Mentioned...

After a year of testing by Facebook and Instagram, the feature is out now. The feature allows the user to hide the likes count in the post that a user has...
Instagram Reels

Instagram To Start Paying To Those Who Are Making Instagram Reels

The Facebook-owned company Instagram is now planning to offer some bonuses to the Instagram Reels creators. It means that from now onwards the creators of the reels will get a chance...

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