Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Apple Reveals Plans For New iPhone SE

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman is a reliable source for Apple leaks and rumors, so we are listening when he says the company is targeting March 8th for a spring event to...

Sony Wants to Start Turning Bungie’s Video Games into Franchise Movies

Sony says that Bungie wants to turn it into big multimedia franchises, and the PlayStation creator says that it could help the developers to make movies. A lot has been made of...

Sony Slashes Global Sales Forecast for Playstation 5 Consoles After Chip Shortage

During Sony’s most recent quarterly financial earnings, Sony's gaming division did see a good rise in profit. However, as Reuters notes, Sony lowered its full-year PS5 sales forecast from 14.8 million...

Sony to Acquire Video Studio Bungie, Creators of ‘Destiny’ and ‘Halo’, For $3.6 Billion

Hey Folks, Today I have some interesting news to share with you and that is Sony is acquiring Bungie, the video game studio that created hit franchises such as "Destiny," and...

Apple’s Next Generation of AirPods Could Identify You Through The Shape of Your Ear

Hey Folks, In this blog I am going to tell you about apple's new patent. AirPods have a possible security loophole built-in, in the form of Siri voice assistant. Since generation one...

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