Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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SpaceX’s First Prototype Fails to Launch

In an unfortunate incident, the first launch of the SpaceX’s Starship prototype failed miserably. The video surfaced on the internet shows the failure of the highly anticipated event. The video shows...

Eastern Americans Likely to See a Rare Meteors Shower Today

The people who are staying on the eastern side of the United States are going to watch a rare meteor shower on Thursday night. The meteor shower, known as Alpha Monocerotids,...

Hind Legs Discovered in a Preserved Snake

Recently, a fossil has unearthed that provides essential information about the evolution of many organisms. The scientific communities termed the discovery as very rare. The study conducted by a group of...

Curiosity Finds Increased Amount of Oxygen in the Mars Atmosphere

In a recent development, NASA’s Curiosity rover found something interesting in the Mars atmosphere. After six years of journey in the red planet, the Curiosity rover found a large amount of...

Unicorn meteor storm: Triggered by mysterious comet

On Tuesday night, you will be able to see the meteors storm, which is an infrequent event that occurs. This event is not a typical meteor shower as it is meteor...

The Scientist on Mars spotted insects

William Romoser, Entomologist of Ohio University, claims that he has found evidence of life on Mars. The Entomologist says that he has spent years on this research and then publically released...

Honeybees can Surf in Water: Study Reveals

A recent study suggests that the honeybees are world-class surfers. The study revealed that female bees have the responsibility to search for water to cool the hives. If the honeybee falls...

Scientists Unveil First-Ever Geological Map of Titan

Human’s search for another life source has a never-ending story, but, they have not touched any success yet. There are certain places where humans are expecting some life sources or organic...

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