Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Boeing’s New Capsule Fails to Achieve its Target

The highly anticipated launch of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner failed to achieve its target. The capsule failed to reach the International Space Station according to the plan. The uncrewed mission took off...

Scientists Find the Oldest-Ever Fossilized Trees

In the Cairo region of New York, scientists previously found the oldest ever fossilized trees. Researchers discovered the spot way back in 2009. Some of the experts believe that the discovery...

2020 Mars Rover Passes it’s First-Ever Driving Test

The rover that NASA is planning to send to Mars in 2020, recently completed its first-ever driving test. As a result, the rover successfully got the driver's license. The development is...

Launch of CHEOPS was Successfull by ESA

In a recent development, the European Space Agency ESA successfully launched its CHEOPS satellite on Wednesday. Previously, the space agency postponed the launch at the last moment, owing to some glitch...

CHEOPS Launch Postpone by ESA on Last Minute

On Tuesday, the European Space Agency ESA postponed its scheduled launch of an important satellite at the last minute. The satellite was carrying a telescope called CHEOPS with it. CHEOPS telescope...

SpaceX Rocket Launch Went Almost Successful

SpaceX is revolutionizing the entire space industry. The private space entity is contributing to the industry in every possible way. Previously, experts often criticized the private entity for delaying the project,...

Milky Way Galaxy with a New Image

In a recent study, scientists observed around 7, 00,000 stars near the center of our galaxy, Milky Way, and revealed something interesting. Researchers studied the huge population of stars near the...

Falcon 9 Rocket launched by SpaceX

Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket recently launched its 11th Falcon 9 mission in the current year. The recent launch marks the 13th successful launch of SpaceX in 2019, including a couple of...

Photograph of Alien Comet 2I/Borisov

Our solar system is lucky enough to welcome two interstellar objects in three years. Recently, scientists confirmed that a comet called 2I/Borisov entered the solar system from the interstellar space. Recently, Hubble...

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft did Something Impossible

In a recent development, the American space agency, NASA recently released a photo, which might confuse many. In the first look, the photo resembles a volcanic eruption, but the reality is...

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