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Hind Legs Discovered in a Preserved Snake

Recently, a fossil has unearthed that provides essential information about the evolution of many organisms. The scientific communities termed the discovery as very rare. The study conducted by a group of...

There Is Another Solar System Out There: New Comet Suggests

The latest discovery suggests that a comet will cross by the sun on December 8. This is coming from another star system. The name of the comet is 2I/ Borisov. The...

NASA’s Super Guppy Delivers Orion Spacecraft to Ohio

Space capsules are generally giant and are extremely difficult to transport from one place to another. But, NASA has its own sets of equipment to carry such massive tablets. Recently, NASA...

The Upcoming Major Astronomical Events on December

December is going to be joyful for all night sky lovers across the world. Venus will emit more lights than it used to be, during the last month of the year....

Falcon 9 Rocket launched by SpaceX

Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket recently launched its 11th Falcon 9 mission in the current year. The recent launch marks the 13th successful launch of SpaceX in 2019, including a couple of...

A New Theory Suggests the Reason Behind the Bright Shine in Black Holes

Scientists’ community across the world has formulated multiple assumptions for the origin of the mysterious electromagnetic radiation from the region that carries neutron stars and black holes for decades. Previously, scientists...
Christina Koch

Christina Koch Spent 288 Days in Space

Recently, a NASA astronaut broke the record of the longest ever spaceflight by a lady. Christina Koch, an astronaut from the American Space Agency, stayed on the space for a massive...

NASA Finds the Crash Site of Vikram Lander

One of the satellites from the United States Space agency NASA, which was revolving around the moon, recently found India’s Vikram Lander from the lunar surface. Vikram Lander crashed just before...

The Dragon Capsule from SpaceX Successfully Reache ISS

SpaceX is rewriting the history of space travel. On Sunday, two spacecraft from the private entity delivered several materials to the International Space Station (ISS), which includes mighty mice, worms, and...

Honeybees can Surf in Water: Study Reveals

A recent study suggests that the honeybees are world-class surfers. The study revealed that female bees have the responsibility to search for water to cool the hives. If the honeybee falls...

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