Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Curiosity Finds Increased Amount of Oxygen in the Mars Atmosphere

In a recent development, NASA’s Curiosity rover found something interesting in the Mars atmosphere. After six years of journey in the red planet, the Curiosity rover found a large amount of...

Hind Legs Discovered in a Preserved Snake

Recently, a fossil has unearthed that provides essential information about the evolution of many organisms. The scientific communities termed the discovery as very rare. The study conducted by a group of...

SpaceX’s First Prototype Fails to Launch

In an unfortunate incident, the first launch of the SpaceX’s Starship prototype failed miserably. The video surfaced on the internet shows the failure of the highly anticipated event. The video shows...

An asteroid may approach Earth on Saturday

As per the recent development, the asteroid tracking system by NASA currently monitoring an asteroid. It will be reaching Earth on Saturday at high speed. The data that the system provides...
Particle Accelerator

The Smallest-Ever Particle Accelerator is Here

The particle accelerator is instrumental for the basic research in particle physics. If you do not know much about the particle accelerator, probably you know that these accelerators are big. But,...
Ajayan Vinu

Ajayan Vinu got $2 Million for Clean Energy Vehicle

These days, harmful gases emitted by vehicles become one of the major causes of the degrading environment. They also require a heavy amount of petroleum products for their day to day...

Xenobot: The First Self-Healing and Living Robots

Well, the recent development in the robotics industry proves that technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is playing a significant role in today’s era. Recently, scientists created the first self-healing and living...
Black Hole

The Two Biggest Black hole-related Development

We are in the last few days of the Decade, and the Decade is quite eventful, especially for black hole lovers. At the beginning of this Decade, no one ever thought...

NASA Unveils its Rover for 2020 Mars Mission

The highly anticipated Rover Mars mission from NASA scheduled to launch in the first half of 2020. The mission is instrumental for the exploration of the red planet. The new mission...

Scientists Find Environment-Friendly Electrolyte Batteries

The emergence of the smartphone is the biggest development of the tech industry in the last decade. But, batteries are the most underrated aspect in terms of up-gradation. The currently existing...

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