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Particle Accelerator

The Smallest-Ever Particle Accelerator is Here

The particle accelerator is instrumental for the basic research in particle physics. If you do not know much about the particle accelerator, probably you know that these accelerators are big. But,...

An asteroid may approach Earth on Saturday

As per the recent development, the asteroid tracking system by NASA currently monitoring an asteroid. It will be reaching Earth on Saturday at high speed. The data that the system provides...

Research on T. Rex teenage reveals more information

During the start of the decade 2000, researchers had recovered the fossil skeletons of two T. Rex. These skeletons found at Carter Country, Montana, with the help of Burpee Museum of...

Scientists Find Environment-Friendly Electrolyte Batteries

The emergence of the smartphone is the biggest development of the tech industry in the last decade. But, batteries are the most underrated aspect in terms of up-gradation. The currently existing...

NASA Unveils its Rover for 2020 Mars Mission

The highly anticipated Rover Mars mission from NASA scheduled to launch in the first half of 2020. The mission is instrumental for the exploration of the red planet. The new mission...
Black Hole

The Two Biggest Black hole-related Development

We are in the last few days of the Decade, and the Decade is quite eventful, especially for black hole lovers. At the beginning of this Decade, no one ever thought...
Christina Koch

Christina Koch Spent 288 Days in Space

Recently, a NASA astronaut broke the record of the longest ever spaceflight by a lady. Christina Koch, an astronaut from the American Space Agency, stayed on the space for a massive...

Scientists Discover the Oldest Sign of Parental Love

In a recent development, scientists found the fossils of a couple of lizards from Canada. Researchers revealed that the remainings are around 309 million years old. The recently found lizard is...

First commercial capsule of Boeing – ‘Calypso’

Boeing has performed its very first test flight for the new reusable capsule. It is the first reusable starliner capsule for the crew. After the test flight, the capsule was named...

IFA Mission postpone for the Second Time by SpaceX

Recently, SpaceX postponed its scheduled abort system testing for the upcoming IFA mission by one week. The recent update from the private space entity revealed that the organization is planning to...

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