Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Mental Health Therapists Struggle As COVID-Related Spike in Demand Causes Shortages

With all of the shopping, traveling, and family gatherings, the holiday season isn't everyone's favorite time of year. If you're looking for mental health services to help you deal with holiday stress,...

4 Incredible Benefits of the Superman Exercise: How And Why You Should Do It

Although the superman exercise will not grant you the ability to be great like superman but, it will give you the ability to better strengthen your back, improve your posture, and...

Food To Avoid At Any Cost If You’re Pre-Diabetic

All foods can be included in a healthy diet, but some are more difficult to manage blood sugar levels than others. To prevent diabetes, you should consider how many refined carbohydrates...

A Healthy Butter Option For You To Stay Fit

It's safe to say that people have been wary of using margarine for a long time. However, the debate over whether to use margarine or butter has become a little more...

Parents Are Rushing To Acquire Their Children’s COVID-19 Immunizations

Social media pages lit up with enthusiastic parents seeking appointments for their grade-schoolers in the hours after the COVID-19 vaccination was formally licensed for use in younger children on Tuesday. So it...

Omicron COVID-19 Variant: Here’s What WHO has to say

The 'omicron' Covid variant, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is likely to spread further and poses a "very high" global risk. The WHO issued a warning on Monday that...

Two Types of Food that you really should Avoid

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to begin eating things that will give you the best chance of avoiding dementia as you age and keeping you...

White House Infectious Diseases Expert says Omicron could already be in the US.

White House infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the new variant of COVID-19 Omicron could already be present in the United States. Fauci was asked on NBC if he thinks...

Good Diet helps you age slower? Here’s what the expert says

The food you eat can impact your health in a variety of ways, including the truth that it helps you keep yourself looking and feeling young. Researchers have now determined which...

Pancreatic Cancer “The Silent Disease”: the sign in your back

Pancreatic cancer is tough to spot. As the name suggests, this organ is found in your tummy, which is called the pancreas. The pancreas releases enzymes and hormones in our that...

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