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COVID-19 was found in almost 80% of Iowa deer sampled in the study

According to current research, the coronavirus is ubiquitous among white-tailed deer in Iowa. Researchers from Penn State University and Iowa wildlife officials discovered that almost 80% of deer in their samples...

Two Types of Food that you really should Avoid

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to begin eating things that will give you the best chance of avoiding dementia as you age and keeping you...

How Many Calories Should Men Take Everyday For Healthy Life

For many years, diets such as keto, Paleo, and "clean eating" ruled supreme, focusing on limiting specific foods rather than overall food consumption. However, according to the International Food Information Council's 2021...
BTS Suga

BTS K-Pop Star, Suga, Makes Full Recovery From COVID

On January 3, an Official Statement by Big Hit Music confirmed the singer's full recovery. The singer was tested positive in South Korea after returning from U.S. concerts. He was double vaccinated...

Best diet for Mental Health

First of all, today is farmers' day, so Happy Farmers Day to all my readers. Many studies have shown that diet has a big impact on mental health. Those people who...

New species of Maize contains 250% more protein

Protein is an essential vitamin for our body. People consume egg, chicken, and other non-veg foods to meet the lack of protein. But today, we are going to tell you about...

5 Best Food for Stronger Muscles After the age of 50

As we age our muscles become weak to prevent this you eat these 5 best food for stronger muscles after the age of 50. 1. Turkey or Chicken Breast Chicken is the most...

Junior, why are they jabbing you? Simply stick to the money.

You might get sick if you listen to or watch the new Pfizer COVID-19 ad campaign promoting vaccines among children aged 5 to 11. In advertising, children – some too young to...

4 Incredible Benefits of the Superman Exercise: How And Why You Should Do It

Although the superman exercise will not grant you the ability to be great like superman but, it will give you the ability to better strengthen your back, improve your posture, and...

Everything You Need To Know About Salt Tablets: Their Uses And Side Effects

Salt tablets, also known as salt pills, may aid in the replacement of low sodium levels in the body. Sodium is a mineral and an electrolyte too. Electrolytes are required by...

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