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The updated federal act is going to be challenging

SCOTT K. JOHNSON - 12/21/2019 The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has finally issued a decision that was much anticipated. It was under complex state until Cheryl LaFleur called it off, thus...

Amount of Methane Leak in 2018 Ohio Incident

A recent study analyzed the 2018 explosion of natural gas in an ExxonMobil subsidiary and revealed something threatening. The study found that the explosion caused methane emissions on a massive scale.  The...

Mining company write its Environment Analysis

In the new document, it has released that the US administration is letting the Gold mining company take a major role in writing its own environment report. The Earthworks obtain this...

Scientists Discover the Deepest Land Point

In a recent development, scientists discovered the deepest point on land located in the Antarctica region. Scientists revealed that the exact point is on the Eastern side of the continent. The...
Air Pollution

Trump Administration is all Set to Make the Air Pollution Worse

Pollution is one of the biggest threats to the existence of human life. But, specifically, air pollution has the largest share of impact on human beings. Previously, scientists were focusing more...
Greenland Ice

Detailed Study about the Greenland Ice Sheet Loss

The see-levels and melting of Greenland ice sheets are increasing across the world, due to the ongoing global warming and climate changes. As a result, many coastal cities and island nations...
Agriculture Sector

Growing Concerns for Environment in Agricultural Sector

In June, a secrete conclave organized in Newburg for the big guns in the agricultural sector of the United States. The hosting organization tried their best to keep the meeting as...
Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution is Causing Deaths for Hermit Crabs

While using plastic, no one ever imagines its effect on the next generation. Forget about the next generation; currently, the entire marine life is suffering from plastic pollution in the ocean...

The Oxygen Level in Ocean is Dangerously Falling

Climate change is affecting every possible ecosystem on the earth, and the ocean ecosystem is not any exception. A recent study suggests that the ecosystem is struggling due to a lack...

Cyanide Bombs by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA has recently has announced the reauthorization of the use of the sodium cyanide in the devices for the killing of wildlife that is known...

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