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The ongoing global epidemic has just come out with its third wave, and there are already locks and travel restrictions imposed by countries. So, although we can go to another city or country, we have an anime series that brought back the famous isekai genre to make you feel in your dream world. By Grace of the Gods is one of the recently released kaime anime that brings back the old feelings of ignorance among viewers. Since the first show, fans are starting to look forward to By Grace of the Gods Season 2.

They were inspired by a series of simple novels, By the Grace of God, written by Roy and designed by Riviera. The Isekai genre was officially introduced back in the 2000s, and since then, genre popularity has continued among viewers. There’s not much to add to that genre because fans expect something from them.

However, By Grace of the Gods has turned into an outstanding anime series that can be easily distinguished from all of the same genres. The series focuses on the person who died but was later resurrected in a completely different world.

The first season of this anime series is wrapped up, and now viewers are still hoping to see another chapter. Anime has long been released, and fans will be wondering about the second season. Here is everything that will help you to know better about this anime.

The first season was set back in late 2020. It has been more than a year since the anime was released, and now, officials should at least state the show. Fans have been fearful of the withdrawal of the show, but many things lead to a positive side.

The first season wrapped up on an unsatisfactory note, and with 12 episodes, fans couldn’t finish the whole story. By the grace of God, it was eliminated from the cliff, and as the manga covered many volumes, there was a discrepancy. The whole year has been left with a vague note, and fans have nothing to believe in. Rumors were circulating online, and fans could not think of anything until recently.

Finally, in 2021, officials came out and proclaimed God’s Grace Season 2. The news came as a wildfire and revealed that the popular anime series was reviving its second season.

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