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BTS’s fans also known as ARMYs were already going crazy ever since the boy band’s management company HYBE Labels announced the launching of BTS merchandise, which is self-designed by the members.

Recently, the boyband’s member V’s collection was launched and his collections were sold out within seconds.

On the 11th of January, BTS’s member Kim Taeyung’s (also known as “V”) self-designed Mute Boston Bag was launched and according to social media, the bag was sold out in less than five seconds.

With this achievement, V also made another History, his self-designed “Mute Boston bag” became the world’s fastest bag to get sold out, in seconds.

However, after the high demand for the bag, the bag was instantly advertised for re-selling on the websites at really high prices.
The bag’s original cost was $168 but was sold for much more than that by the resellers.

After the reselling of the merchandise at such high prices ARMYs also expressed their disappointment via Twitter and emphasised the immoral practice of reselling the product. Many fans have also been demanding the restocking of the merchandise and suggesting to take action against the resellers.

Earlier this month, Seokjin was the first BTS member to introduce his self-designed merchandise which included some Good day bad day pyjamas, pillows and basic stuff.
After him, rapper Min Yoongi aka Suga and Kim Namjoon aka RM also launched their merchandise.

Suga’s necklace and pendants also sold out within minutes and the same happened to RM’s designed wind chimes and Joggers even after being so expensive.

The rest of the members including Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin and J-Hope’s Merchandise are yet to be released.
Which may be launched later this month.

The quick selling out of the BTS’s merchandise also leaves a great impact on their reputation around the world. It shows how much fans crave them and the things related to them.

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