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The rocky relationship between the Spears sisters has become public knowledge in the past few years as both decided to air their affairs on social media platforms through multiple posts and tweets.

The latest update on this sisterly bond is said to be that the 39 years old Britney Spears had unfollowed her nine years younger sister Jamie Lynn on Instagram, although it has been unclear when the more senior Spears had done so.

Media and their fans have witnessed their relationship turning drastically from being an adorable bond to taking the shape of an unhealthy toxic form.

Former Zoey 101 actress has shared her thoughts on each public known Spears family scandal along with her older sister.

The situation first came into the knowledge of their fans when it was found that Britney Spears wanted to “sue” her family. Albeit there were no specific names mentioned in this report, it was estimated that she was talking about her sister.

There were many moments when the viewers witnessed the tender bond among the Spears siblings when they both took various initiatives to defend each other through multiple obligations.

Yet, it will not be wrong to say that the Spears family had undergone many changes throughout the years.

The Spears family’s dirty laundry was again aired online when the pop star posted that she disapproved of her sister’s performance at the 2017 Disney Music awards.

Britney Spears fans attacked Jamie Lynn when she penned an autobiography titled ‘I Must Confess.’ Ironically the title turned out to be a songline of her own sister’s famous song ‘Baby One More Time.’

Family fights are something that fans have gotten used to witnessing on social media platforms. The Spears Sister Family Scandal too gained the attention of fans and artists and viewers across the globe.

Stay tuned for each latest update concerning the Spears Sisters.

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