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Sam Asghari and Britney Spears are not the only ones excited about their new baby on the way! Britney Spears’ sons Jayden, 15, and Sean, 16, are also incredibly happy for their mom.

The source revealed just how much Britney Spears is looking forward to her sons being big brothers and how happy they are for their mom. “Britney’s sons could not be more thrilled about her pregnancy. She told them first, as she knew how much this would affect their lives. This baby is going to have some awesome big brothers and Sean and Jayden will most definitely be a part of this child’s life,” the source explained.

The source explained how she thinks raising the new baby will compare to her experience with her first two. “With Sean and Jayden, she was stripped of the right to have this experience. In the first part of their lives, she was still focused on her career and had very little time for herself. When they were 2-3, she was placed into conservatorship and she never got to have the firsts that many mothers do with their kids because, after that, she always had to have someone else present, or have monitored visitation,” they said. Above all, she’s looking forward to being there for the early stages of childhood in a very different sense than she did with her older two sons. “Britney is so thankful that she finally gets to have the experience of raising a baby that she has always dreamt of her whole life. There was a point where she didn’t think this would ever happen,” they said.

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