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Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband, Jason Alexander, Released From Prison After Being Arrested For Stalking

Britney Spears
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The former college footballer and actor Jason Allen Alexander was arrested on December 30, 2021, for violating a restraining order.

Alexander became known in the industry for being Britney Spears’ first husband.

Getting married in Las Vegas is a fantasy that many young couples have, and this fantasy came true for the pop icon Britney Spears as she got married in 2004 to her long-time friend Jason Alexander.

Their marriage had everything rom-com fans can ask for, from flying in private jets to suddenly getting married to getting drunk while celebrating.

Albeit having a blast on their wedding day and after, the couple decided to break their bond only after 55 hours of being together.

Even after splitting up, Alexander charged Britney’s team with the allegations that they forced him to end their relationship. He expressed his thoughts about being conned by the pop star’s team and his anger at being played. In a personal interview, he commented,
“Don’t be a nice guy, and Nice guys finish last. Look out for yourself. If you are going to get involved in a relationship with a celebrity and you are just an average Joe, make sure you are thinking business!”

Alexander has a habit of getting caught in violent situations, and this was not his first brush with the law. He was previously arrested twice in January 2021 and August 2021 for driving under the influence and trespassing into the TSA’s “non-secure area,” respectively. Although the cases are still open, the results are rather justified.

After getting married for merely 55 hours, the actor once again came into the limelight as the Louisiana native exclusively told the US that these two stars had been staying in control for the past few months in August 2021. His statement reads, “We stay in contact pretty regularly in the last few months,”

According to the various reports, the former footballer was recently released on Tuesday, January 4. The facts are yet unknown about the happenings of this whole event.

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