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This time we are following Lord Anthony Bridgestone. The eldest Bridgerton sibling and viscount, as he sets out to find a suitable wife driven by his duty to uphold the family name, Anthony’s search for a debutant who meets his impossible standard seems ill-fainted until Kate and her younger sister Edwina Sharma arrive from India when Anthony begins to court Edwina and Kate discovers the true nature of his intentions true love match is not high on his priority list and decides to do everything in her power to stop the union. Still, in doing so, Kate and Anthony’s verbal sparring matches only bring them closer together, complicating matters.

Then across the square, the feathering tons must welcome the newest heir to their estates. At the same time, Penelope continues to navigate the town while keeping her deepest secret from the people closest to her. As we saw at the end of season one, there was a powerful secret that was revealed, something that seems watching season two would have been better if we did not know that identity specifically. There are also numerous storylines in season two that may now have fans roasting.

The second season of ‘Bridgerton’ is less steamy and relatively unhurried, with Kate and Anthony spending much of their time getting pulled towards each other and then pushing away.

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