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Recently, Sen. Kamala Harris ended her presidential race, owing to the financial difficulties. Not a long ago, Kamala often termed as the leading contestant for Democrats, while her decision came at a surprise. Kamala revealed that she is not a billionaire to fund her campaign. On the other hand, it was difficult to raise the required amount of funding for her election campaign. In a recent development, Senator Cory Booker criticized the system, which demands a big amount of money for contesting as a candidate in the presidential election.

During an interview with a private TV channel, Cory Booker revealed that the voters must have the right to choose the appropriate candidate, not by the money factor. Cory Booker is one of the presidential contestants from the Democratic Party. He severely criticized the money factor in the election during his interview. He further suggests that all Democratic leaders required taking action to stop the influence of the massive amount of money. 

Reasoning from the Presidential Candidate

Cory Booker gave some historical examples to emphasize his point of view. During the interview, he revealed that John Kerry took a massive loan of five million USD in 2005 to continue his campaign, while the same opportunity is not available for candidates like Kamala Harris.

During the interview, the anchor of the show revealed the billionaire influence in the Democrats presidential campaign. The entire front runner from the democrats, such as Sen. Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg is a billionaire. While defending his views, the presidential candidate revealed that the problem is not about anyone’s financial ability. Still, people must have the option to choose their favorite person as their next President. Booker also revealed that no recent Democrats president was leading Iowa in the primary phase of the election. 

Booker is the most profitable person after the departure of Kamala Harris, as he gathered a whopping one million USD from the donation. 

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