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A recently released internal document of Boeing revealed the company’s cavalier attitude towards the safety of the passengers. The internal documents showcase the non-acceptable attitude of the company in the development of the company’s 737 MAX 8. The aircraft crashed two separate times in six months. The two aircraft crashes killed more than 300 people. The company suffered significant losses following the accidents. Boeing finally grounded its popular 737 MAX 8 aircraft in March 2019. Boeing’s former CEO Dennis Muilenburg resigned from his post after the crash. 

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The Controversial Documents in Details

The newly released document reveals the employees convinced the government regulators and seniors officials about the nonrequirement of additional training. The Employees claimed that the 737 MAX 8 flight simulator training was not necessary for those who fly the 737 models. 

The internal document has 150 pages, and they submit it to the federal prosecutors before several months. Reports suggest that the firm sent these internal documents to the recent congressional committees. A report claims that the FAA has not got any new safety issues in the internal documents. 

These internal documents carried information from 2013 when the aircraft was in its developmental stage to the development of flight simulators in 2018. On Thursday, the company made these documents public. Boeing recently announced that it would include additional flight simulator training for the pilots of the 737 MAX 8, once it gets clearance to fly again. The internal documents carry several sensitive information and statements of Boeing. In one of the statements, one employee of the company was saying that he would not put his family on such aircraft. 

Recently, Boeing decides to stop the production work on the banned 737 Max 8. As a result, it will transfer its workers to other facilities for cost-cutting. But, the company assured its employees of returning to the facility once it will get the clearance. 

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