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Boeing reveals the news of 737 Max airplanes of remaining away from passenger service. The airplanes will resume their services from June or July. The company was in plans of restarting the services of the aircraft months before. But the news seems to be cancelling all the Max airplanes during the travel season of summer.

American Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines are the three U.S. companies using the 737 Max airplanes. But now the airlines seem to stop receiving the services until the latter half of summer.

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Revelation from the Boeing Company

Recently the Boeing Company reveals the notification provided to the customer airlines about the discontinuation. Still, the company estimates the continuation of the services of the aircraft by the mid-2020s. The manufacturing suppliers are also given information about the same.

The Boeing 737 Max will be able to fly again after receiving approval from the Federal Aviation Administration and others. The process will take place months later, the fixation of the issues. Boeing 737 Max will go through several tests to assure the aviation regulators globally about its safety. The tests will be in conduction, keeping in mind the safety of the passengers.

More About The Company

Boeing 737 Max discontinues its services since the last year of March. Because of the two crashes that took place in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Both the crashes estimate of killing 346 people. As per the reports, defective Automated Flight Control Systems was the reason for the crash. The company is working on several aspects of the aircraft to make it fault-free since the two crashes. The company is working on software issues since last year March.

Stephen Dickson, the administrator of the FAA, wants fault free report of the airplanes before the continuation of its services. He further says that the FAA is in no hurry and will check all its systems thoroughly before approving.

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