As we all know that BlackBerry is the mobile phone that has got thumbs with the flying phone is known best for the launch of its last mobile phone in the year 2000 under the name of the 957 but after that, the company slow down the pace of the mobile production in the market and moved almost out of the market but that doesn’t mean and that the removal of the company was complete from the market. According to the sources, it is claimed that BlacBerry is going to launch a mobile phone with the 5G support this year. And the mobile phone will be equipped with an uber-impressive camera.

The sources claim that the mobile phone is to be manufactured by a Texas-based company called OnwardMobility. The company already announced the manufacturing of the device in August of last year. And the same announcement was made by the company in the first half of 2021. And along with this the CEO and founder of the company Peter Franklin also announced that some of the information or the rumors about the new mobile phone will be there in the market in a few months which will delay the release date of the phone.

The all-now BlacBerry 5G phone is seeming to be pitched at the business users first and the phone will be just like the original versions and the company this time guarantees that the security will be given preference in the mode of 5G.

With this, the president of the LLC stated that “With 5G quickly coming to market, and the acceleration it will cause in upgrading mobile devices and deploying productivity-enhancing apps, deploying proven and highly secure products like the BlackBerry 5G devices in enterprises, government, and regulated industries like finance or legal, are mission-critical.” “Companies are rapidly investing in transformative technologies to improve productivity, but often don’t place enough emphasis on security, particularly in their use of mobile devices,”

With this, the LG has also announced that “growth areas such as electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence, and business-to-business solutions, as well as platforms and services.” and a new phone will be launched but someday earlier only LG also announced that they have stopped their production of the mobile market. Moreover, LG was also in their place at some time after Apple and Samsung in the global market but now there is no such position for that type of phone in the market.

And now just like the LG, BlackBerry has also some of the same stories in the market and in the year 2008, the company made a profit of around $146 and helped the market to have a unique product with the idea of being productive in the market. And till the next year 2010, the company hold about 37.3 percent share of the market of launching the best phones.

And by the year 2012, the market share of the company fall by 7.3 percent as the 2 main companies Apple and Google in the market bought their products to be the best in the market. And the launch of the BlackBerry 10 in the market in the year 2011 doesn’t give the company good results and by the year 2016, the company sold most of its share to a Chinese company, and the Chinese company already announced last year that they will stop selling BlackBerries last year.

So, that’s all was the article about the BlackBerry new 5G phone.

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