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The followers of this series must know that the series has entered the Spade Kingdom Arc. The last episode, episode 170, showed Asta, who is fighting to obtain and control his evil magic powers.

The recent chapter of Black Clover, Black Chapter 316, is delayed, and this is no official statement regarding the delay has been announced now. Recently, there has been a rumor floating in the air regarding the movie animation adaptation of Black Clover.

Despite being one of the most popular animes of its time and being around for more than seven years, this marks the first official film for the Black Clover franchise. Originally released in 2015, Black Clover became a smash hit when it launched, and its anime — which premiered in 2017 and ran for 170 episodes before ending in March 2021 — was one of the most popular animes of the 2010s.

The upcoming Black Clover anime film officially has a release date, with the movie set to launch in Japan sometime in 2023.

As per the tweet, there will be an announcement regarding the movie of Black Clover in Jump Festa, which will be held on December 18/19, 2021. Apart from that, the franchise will keep a stage in the event, where they will sell their merchandise and promote the movie.

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