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Heliogen achieved something unique that human beings desperately needs. Heliogen claimed that it completed an experiment where concentrated solar energy can be used in multiple industries, such as steel, glass, cement, and petrochemicals. Most of the industries are heavily dependent on fossil fuel for their energy needs. But, after this innovation, the load on fossil fuel is expected to reduce considerably. 

Heliogen is an energy company that promotes clean energy as a replacement for conventional power. None other than Bill Gates backs the firm. Patrick Soon-Shiong is the other big name indirectly associated with the firm. 

The solar technology developed by Heliogen can bear a temperature of more than 1,000 degrees Celsius. The firm is planning to sell it commercially. One of the experts in the field claimed that the innovation would mark first of its kind solar oven to be used for industrial purposes. As a result, the whole world is anticipating a reduction in carbon emission in the future. 

The solar panel could extensively be used in the equilateral region. As most of the developing nations belong to the same area, it might result in less carbon emission and climate change. The innovation got highly positive feedback all across the world. Vox described the announcement as a genuine innovation. The data collected by EPA indicates that transportation, buildings, and electricity are the biggest emitters of CO2. Among them, only the cement industry contributes 7% of the total CO2 emission in the world. 

How Does it Work?

The technology that the Heliogen used is technically not new. The firm uses multiple mirrors to focus the sunlight to a single point, but achieving the heat is something unique. The firm uses Artificial Intelligence for directing the mirror. Previously, commercially available concentrating solar thermal systems could carry a maximum temperature of 565 degrees Celsius though it was enough for generating power, but still lesser than the industrial requirements. 

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