OS 7.4 Beta
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Today in the early morning Apple launched the new beta version for the Apple OS 7.4 in order to test the purposes used by the users and along with that also announced that new Beta version will be coming in a span of two weeks and after a month the new version of the OS will be launched in the official state. And moreover, the new version introduced the “Time to Walk” functionality with the expanding of the ECG availability and with the new unity watch face.

Now in order to install the beta version of OS 7.4, the user has to install the full configuration of the profile of the version in order to use the same. And now once the profile is installed then the app can be installed just by going to the Apple Watch app and there the user has to get the general settings and there the user has to choose the option of the software update.

And moreover, in order to update the version, the user has to need a back-up of 50%battery in the Apple watch. And in order to stop the download, the watch should be connected to the charger and should be placed near the iPhone.

Moreover along with the iOS 14.3 and the beta version 7.3 the user has also the option of unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch. The feature is named under “Unlock With Apple Watch”. The user can unlock the iPhone by just simply unlocking the watch and with the opening of the watch lock, the device lock also gets open.

But the back feature is that the Face ID is not unlocked while the user is wearing the mask and it is only unlocked when the user is without a mask but besides all this with the help of the new feature in the beta version of the Apple Watch the user has to just enter the passcode in the watch and the device will get unlocked.

The feature is similar to the option of unlocking the Mac with the help of the watch and the user can change the settings by launching the settings in the device and going to the option of the FaceID and the FingerPrint.

Along with all this, the main thing is that only the main lock of the device can be unclocked while wearing the mask but the other apps in the device that require the Face ID to be unlocked then the user has to remove the mask for that or the alternative is that the user has to enter the App Passcode.

When the user will unlock the device with the help of the watch then the user will feel a little vibrato sound on the wrist and the user can feel it

In the end, Apple claims that the new version of OS that will be OS 7.4 will be launched in the spring season that will be near March 20 so till then the testing is done on the beta version.

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