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The 49-Year-Old American Actor, Film director, and producer Ben Affleck has been busy promoting his movie “The Tender Bar,” directed by Clooney.

While promoting the movie, he recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and he recalled when his daughters were so starstruck meeting Taylor Swift.

He recalled the exact moment when two of his daughters, Seraphina and Violet, met Taylor Swift for the first time and completely clammed up.

During the chat, he told that how his daughters couldn’t even say a word out of their mouth when they came face-to-face with their idol.

He mimicked their reaction and recalled how he encouraged his daughters to chat with Taylor Swift, who was six and nine-year-old at the time and said, “We came all the way here, it’s Taylor Swift, say something!”

He also recalled telling Swift, “I’m telling you they’re fans.”

“You look like, and you’re you’re like’ i swear they know your songs,” Clarkson joked back.

His daughters proved that they are true Swifties. They couldn’t even form a sentence after meeting their favorite singer. They created an excellent example of how any swiftie would react after meeting her idol for the first time.

Ben’s hilarious reaction left everyone laughing on the show.

The 39-year-old Host Kelly also admitted that her children tend to shut up when they meet their favorite celebrities. She said, “My kids, like loudest kids on the planet,” but could speak when they met Aquaman actor Jason Momoa.

This was the first time Affleck publicly spoke about the meeting 11 times Grammy winner Taylor Swift, a source confirmed to E! News they all met six years ago.

Affleck and his two eldest children, Seraphina and Violet, who he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, brought them to Swift’s 1989 World Tour in 2015 at the Arena, known initially as Staples Center.

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