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2022 is going to be a year of Bella Hadid, as the model revealed during E! News Daily Pop on January 11, she hit it off in the best way by doing “nothing” at all.

Bella said in the exclusive chat “I cooked dinner at home in my pajamas, I had no FOMO. I felt completely fine within that, and that’s how I realized my growth, to be honest, is being able to know that when New Year’s come around I don’t need to be out drinking and I don’t need to be doing these things because I finally feel ok on the inside”

The fashion giant has taken a step further to be alcohol-free, participating in dry January. Hadid is the CEO and Co-founder of Kin Euphorics, a non-alcoholic beverage company. She is encouraging mocktails over glam up alcohol.

She explains how it’s a way to test her willpower, “Regardless of anything, it’s showing myself I have that inner willpower, you know what I mean?, Just to know that I can do it.

The model addressed what happens when you drink a Kin, “What Kin does is it really calms your nervous system, so that ritual that we all have that 5:00 happy hour ritual that’s been pushed and ironed into all of our brains- it no something we necessarily need.”

In addition to running the non-alcoholic beverage drink, Bella admits to rejoining Victoria’s Secret as the fashion mogul is trying to rebrand after facing a backlash from sexual harassment and bullying allegations in 2020, some of the allegations were made by Bella herself against the company’s former brand officer Ed Razek.

Bella said in a conversation with E! News, “Another way that I realized my growth, which was super important for me… was being able to be in a setting that I once felt unempowered, and to now feel so empowered and sp reassured.” “I don’t know if people understand that just as much as you would feel that it’s uncomfortable to be in your underwear shooting a commercial, it is that uncomfortable.”

She continues “So the things about Victoria’s Secret for me now is that they really, really care about us.”

The days are long gone to ask a man for what’s his vision about a woman from their perspective, Bella emphasized.

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