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In the latest episode of the Barrister Babu 17th March 2021, starting with the character of Bondita who says that “you can’t erase the name now”. And after that Bondita cries and After that Anirudh worries for her but Bondita goes to sleep early only. After that Barrister cares for her and after that applies Lep. Bondita wakes up after that and says that we will not be able to see each other’s pain, it’s affection, it makes husband and wife relation also. He says that you will come and worry for me in the future and in return Barrister Babu tells Bondita that he will never be forgiving her in the future for the issue of hurting herself. In return, she says that I am also hurt for the reason that you are bringing the law in between the relationship in order to break our marriage so please don’t do that.

Barrister Babu 17th March 2021 Episode Written Update

She says that I will do what you say even I will become your puppet too. In return Barrister, Babu says that doesn’t say this line next time as you are not born for being a slave of someone in the society and is free to fly in the sky and in return Bondita says that she knows that she has to keep her self esteem, but a married woman gets respect. In return, Barrister asks her that to who has taught her all these things as he wanted to make her barrister in future, that will prove to be an inspiration for others. He wanted to have a different identity for her. then Bondita asks that our names are not connected and if the wife is the soul then the husband is also a soul and if you want me to make me a barrister then please take back these papers of breaking our marriage and in return Barrister Babu says that child marriage is a custom and all of these problems will end in future if their application gets accepted by law. then Barrister goes and in return Bondita asks that what should she do in order to fix these things.

Now, the next morning Bondita hears Manorma’s aunt advising her to keep a fast for a good married life in future. She says in return that Fast is a tough task to keep and moreover, she has to then take the Kailash to the Shiv Ji temple. Manorama says that it’s fine to keep the fast for a day. kaki in return says that whosoever keeps this fast will get love from her husband and after that in return Bondita smiles. After that sometimes the principal complains to Anirudh about Bondita. In return, he says that she was studious before, but she lost the focus now. After that Bondita thinks of keeping a fast and Anirudh in return says that he will not let her fail and now Bondita is thinking of wife’s dharma and now she is losing attention and I will end the reason for that and moreover he says that he got an education in her life by difficulty and the same can’t end.

After that Principal says good luck and Bondita keeps the fast. After that she walks barefoot in order to do the rituals and then prays. In the meantime, Anirudh comes home and looks for her. Trilochan says that he hasn’t seen her and she will come by time and why he is worried and he gets the food plate under the bed. Anirudh in return says that it’s 4 PM and Bondita didn’t have the food or milk till now. After that, he asks trilochan about Bondita that whether she had told him anything or not. he says that he will not let child marriages happen in future and if anything happens to Bondita and after that, his thinking will be responsible for that and after that Bondita saws a snake and gets shocked.

You can also watch out for the latest episode on Voot as well. Stay tuned with us for more written updates.

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