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Michelle Young, the Minnesota star of “The Bachelorette,” announced her engagement with Nate Olukoya, an Austin-based, Winnipeg-raised sales executive. Young chose Olukoya as her soulmate in the season finale of the ABC-TV reality show. It was the first time in the show’s 19-year history that a Black lead gave the final rose to a Black contestant.

Olukoya promised to move to Minnesota, where Young grew up and now teaches fifth grade, during a live interview on Tuesday.

Young spent a significant portion of his season in Minnesota. But Young, 28, also spoke candidly about growing up in Woodbury, where she often felt like “the token Black girl.” She told the men — and America — during a spoken-word date that “I was their stamp on diversity, all thanks to my nappy curls.”
Young, a teacher at an Elementary school in Burnsville, agreed to be “The Bachelorette” only if the show was filmed during summer vacation. She posted on social media about juggling press for the show with parent-teacher conferences as it aired.

Fellow teacher Danielle Andvik’s daughter, and son, judged the men on their fort-building and grocery-carrying abilities during a date that aired last month, sparking a flurry of memes. Kelsey, in particular, zeroed in on the audience’s favorite — and least favorite — competitors.

Friends have texted Andvik, amazed at how poised, straightforward, and fun Young has been since the show premiered.

Olukoya, 27, has stood out since the season began. He was the first to exit the limo, announcing his full name, Babatunde Nayte Olukoya, and young gave him her “first impression rose,” a prize that hints at a final choice.

Olukoya had struggled to persuade Young’s parents, Ephraim and LaVonne, that he was prepared to marry.

The couple mentioned that Winnipeg, where Olukoya’s family lives, is only a 7-hour drive from the Twin Cities. Olukoya stated that they are looking for a home here.

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