Asus ROG 5 Review
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Here is the ROG 5 review that the users were expecting to be the best gaming phone of the year 2021 and it proved to be. The sources of the galaxy reporters claim the below Asus ROG 5 Review.

As of now, the phone is very good but at first, when the phone is powered off at that time there is nothing to get from the screen. But when the thing comes to the back panel at that time the logo of the company lightens up and shows the logo very attractive at the back panel of the mobile phone. The logo is made up of the black dot-matrix pattern finish with hot pink ’80s punk rock. The effect is so much attractive that the user cannot help but in order to give light brightness, the user needs to play a blondie game and need to talk ahead in order to complete the effect.

The mobile phone ROG 5 is the 4th generation mobile phone of the company in the market. The full form of the company stands for the words that implement the ROG is equal to the republic of games. As we all know that the news spreads about the Asusis only telling one thing that Asus is trying to launch a phone that will be ideal for gaming only but this time also the phone was not fully ideal for gaming but made a step closer to the ideal design which the company was chasing form the year 2018. It is not the complete gaming ph0ne but with some of the improvements that include the Gorilla Glass Victus on the screen with the speakers to relocating cooling elements which are done at the middle of the phone with the aim of making the phone ideal for gaming.

Therefore, the biggest change that the users were expecting this year was the launch of the 3 ROG phones together instead of launching one phone. The phone is regular like the other ROG but is with the ’80s punk vibe. And the next model that comes up is the ROG 5 Pro model that is coming with a detachable fan called the AeroActive Cooler 5. And moreover, instead of having the logo at the back, the pro version contains the display which is the mini color display strip on the back in order to show off the graphics. The mobile phone can display the messages and alerts on the back panel when the phone is kept on-screen offside. Moreover, the user can also make his own graphics for the back panel display.

Now the third model the ROG ultimate which is made up of a matte white back decorated with black hairlines and neon blue accents. And like the pro version, the back panel has the display in white and blue color. The ultimate version also comes with the AeroActive Cooler 5 and the 18GB of RAM inside make the mobile phone the “ultimate phone”.

The mobile phone contains a 144Hz screen refresh rate and moreover, the mobile phone has the highest battery back up that is of 6,000-mAh capacity and Which is made up of two 3,000-mAh batteries. The charger provided with a mobile phone is 65-w and according to a report, there is about40% battery remaining after full use in a day.

That’s all was the article about the new Asus ROG 5 Review and the other details about the mobile phone will be updated soon.


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