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Arizona senator and retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly said that he and his wife are heartbroken by a tragic school shooting in Texas.

At least 19 children and two grown-ups died in a shooting at a primary school in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday (May 24), The New York Times reported on Wednesday). The incident at Robb Elementary School was the most lethal in the United States since the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Conn.

“I know how helpless a person can feel when their family is impacted in this way. I know that every parent whose kid came home from school today is hugging them tighter,” Kelly wrote Tuesday on Twitter.

Giffords redeemed even supervising Kelly’s last-ever liftoff on space shuttle mission STS-134, three months due on April 19, 2011. But she tardy strode down from politics to concentrate on her health and improvement.

His tweet thread announced that Americans have to expect their federal government will “do nothing” after discerning identical deadly mass shootings over the years.

“Politicians in Washington spend countless hours fighting about nothing, but when it comes time to act on an issue that is unique to the United States and demands a response, they find a million reasons not to,” Kelly announced.

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