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Apple WWDC 2021-To Be Held On June 7

Apple WWDC 2021
source: 9to5 Mac

According to the sources of the Galaxy reporters, it is in doubt that whether the Apple glasses will be launched in this event at Apple WWDC 2021 or not and there are 70% chances that the Apple glasses will not be launched in this event. But the thing doesn’t mean that Apple can’t tease about the launch of the Apple glasses in the news and here the question arises that is the launch of Apple glasses is really a tease or is a fake news.

Along with this a video teaser on the Apple official page involves the usage of an Apple animoji in the video that opens up the MacBook first and then the Apps get to appear in the glasses that he/she was wearing and they were the AR glass on which the apps were shown that made the chances of the launch of the Apple Glasses in the market.

Now, of course, the users might think that Apple might disclose some of the features of the Apple glasses but nothing like that has happened till now and along with this some of the rumours suggest that the Apple glasses may be launched in the year 2023 instead of its launch in the year 2022.

Moreover, in the video, the thing could be just a reflection of the apps that are opened in the MacBook. In reality, the users are waiting for the Apple glasses for a long time and we all know that Apple is that company that doesn’t even give a hint about the new upcoming devices in the market from that company.

Apple WWDC 2021

The thing has happened like that only when Apple earlier talked about the launch of the AirPower and nothing turned out in the market as Apple chewed about that earlier in the market and later everyone asked about where, when and what exactly the AirPower will be about in the market.

Apple realised after some time that they made a mistake by telling the users in advance about the AirPower and like this only the MacBook Pro 2013 model which was also teased ahead of time like this only. The thing was that launching of the trash with an Indesign features and the thing later has to do nothing with Tim Cook it was just him jumping off a gun.

And when the teaser for the same was out in the market then the audience started comparing the device with its predecessors in the market and still, there was a big difference between the updated MacPro and the teased MacBook pro in the market.

Now the question arises that whether Apple will talk about the AR devices at the WWDC or not? Tim Cook has also mentioned this time AR glasses is something that Apple is looking for for a long time and with time to time, the company is improving the AR features in the Macs,iPads and iPhones. And the users are also expecting the improvement to the ARkit that will be there with the launch of the iOS 15.

There is also a rumour that Apple VR and mixed reality headset will be launched next year. As the launch will give a pave to the AR glasses of Apple and in order that the developers will work for the AR glasses and with that the app will be launched at the same time with the launch only.

And at last, the thing could be wrong as all of these are rumours and Apple might launch the prototype pair of Apple Glasses and could tease the users that what they have to do with the device. And at last, the main thing will be out on June 7 when the Apple WWDC 2021 keynote kicks off at the conference hall.



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