Apple Is Planning To Refund The Credits To The Apple Tv Plus Subscribers Till June
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As we all know that now Apple has launched the free usage of the Apps in the Apple Tv and everyone is worried now as most of the Apple Tv users purchased the app’s subscription earlier and are now hoping and expecting that Apple will return their money as of now all the apps are of free cost. Moreover, on the side of the company, Apple Is Planning To Refund The Credits To The Apple Tv Plus Subscribers Till June.

As in this article, the users will get to know all the queries that when and How their money will be returned by Apple. The move of returning the money by Apple was taken in the last month as Apple thought something about the users and decided to return the money till the future.

The refund of the payment is available for the users who had earlier purchased the subscription for the apps and now there is an extension in the new trial so the payment that is estimated till the free trial will be returned to the users till June 2021. As of now, only the month is decided and the date is not confirmed.

The amount is available to both the subscribers which include the monthly and annual packages. The company had given or sent the emails to the subscribed parties after the extension of the free trial claiming that the amount of around $4.99 will be returned in the apps store credit of the user’s Apple account and then the user is able to do the store purchases from that app.

The extension of the free trial can give the apple channels a more no. of subscribers in the future but now the OTT platforms have increased so much in no. that the users sometimes become confuse that to take which app subscription and which not. Moreover, Netflix and Amazon have occupied most of the market in the OTT that there is no space left for the other platforms to be in there.

Moreover, nowadays Apple is working on the limited editions of the shows that the users like the most. Apple gave the trailer out for the series named WeCrashed casting the oscar-winning celebs named Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway. that the people liked the most after watching the trailer and the series will be available for the subscribers only.

That’s all was the article about the latest news from Apple about the Apple Tv and I hope that the statements come true that “Apple Is Planning To Refund The Credits To The Apple Tv Plus Subscribers Till June”



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