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Apple has started assembling the iPhone 13 in Brazil. Still, the iPhone 13 mini will not have local production. a user recently bought an iPhone 13 in Brazil, and, to his surprise, the box indicates that the product was “Assembled in Brazil.”

The model number,( MLPF3BR/A) confirms that the device was indeed assembled in the country, as the units sold in Brazil that are imported from China have the identifier “BZ/A” instead.

Apple has never assembled any Pro models of the iPhone in Brazil, probably because they are much more expensive. Only a few people buy these models in emerging countries – but more affordable models like the iPhone SE and iPhone 11 were already being assembled in Brazil.

Interestingly, Apple has scraped the iPhone 13 mini from its local assembly plans. Perhaps the company knows that the mini version has low demand, no matter the efforts to make it more affordable. This is just an indication that the iPhone 13 mini will be officially discontinued later this year.

Brazil imposes high taxes on imported products, including almost the entire range of Apple devices. Due to this reason, some companies invest in the local assembly process, as this grants a reduction in taxes to sell those products. According to a recent report, Apple was also expected to start the iPhone 13 production in India this month.

The iPhone 13 in Brazil starts at R$7,599 but customers can now find it in retail stores for prices as low as R$4,999.

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