Apple A15 Chip
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According to the sources of the Galaxy Reporters, Apple is forecasting and will be there in partnership with the TSMC for the manufacturing purpose in the future. And according to the new report of the sources, it is being confirmed that Apple will be starting the production of the Apple A15 Chip from the month of May. The production of the chips will be falling the lineups for the falls of the iPhone 13 and now the design of the chip that it will be made of the same design with the 5-nanometer fabrication size as the A14 and the company is also focusing on the performance of the new year launch too.

According to the reports the fabrication size of the A15 is changed this time and is different for the A14 and this time the company will be using an enhanced manufacturing process. As we all know that Apple and TSMC’s relationship has been good so far and to produce a chip with a bigger size is no big deal and the A14 chip was also the highest chip that was produced in the size of the 5 nanometers.

The 5-nanometer feature is the main feature of the Apple’s M1 chip that is being used in the Macs and it makes the macs more performant and power-efficient while using and the intel chips are not able to give that much efficiency to the Macs and because of that the size of the chip was also not reduced and at this time also the company latest intel chip is of 10nanometer which breaks the performance of the chip in a PC.

Apple is always forward to keep the lead in the market. And moreover, the sources claim that the company has already ordered the TSMC’s 4 nanometer supply and the production for the same will be starting from the late-year 2021. The report claims that the chips will be first used in the new generation chips and if the production is starting in the late year 2021 and then the users could expect the devices with the 4nm chips in the spring season of the year 2022 only.

As the A15 will be remaining with the 5nm chips only so the efficiency and the other things will be there at the same pace but some of the changes will be there with the launch and shifting from A14 to Apple A15 Chip. And with that thanks to the expertise of the company that they remained with the manufacturing of the silicon chips.

And moreover, the change this time will not be atypical as the first partnership of Apple and TSMC launched a chip with the 7nm that was used in A13 and A12 both and before that 10nm chip was only used till the processor was A11 in Apple devices.

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