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source: The Indian Express

Relaunch Of Pubg Game In India

The Announcement of Relaunch Pubg In India for the fans or the gamers of the pubg are waiting for the comeback of the game from the months and are hoping for the old fun of playing and streaming the game but the government is taking no actions of launching the game.

The parent company of the Pubg “Krafton Inc” has recently launched the new members in the game in order to build the case of the playing game in the more teenagers. A person from New Delhi named Aneesh Aravind has been appointed for the game relaunch in India. He has been appointed as the main manager of the pubg office of India in order to take care of the govt rules and regulations after the relaunch of the game.

Moreover, Aneesh Aravind has been working for more than ten years in the two most popular gaming company’s that is Tencent and Zynga. The parent company of the pubg is also planning to appoint a team for the game who will work only for the pubg and not any other game.

The company also mentions that may be the team in the future will be appointed for the global handling of the Pubg Game. The future prediction of the appointed members will be:-

Akash Jumde will be appointed as Visual Content Designer
Piyush Agarwal will be appointed as Finance Manager
Arpita Priyadarshini will be appointed as Senior Community Manager
Karan Pathak will be appointed as Senior Esports Manager

All the above-mentioned team players were earlier working in the Tencent games for the pubg game. Then after the division of the Tencent games from the pubg the team is officially appointed by Krafton Inc who is responsible for the launch of the Pubg Globally.

Although, till now there is no news on the fixed date on the comeback of the pubg in India and the gamers are waiting with hopes. Moreover, any news related to the pubg will be a good hope for the gamers and fans that will bring a smile on their face.

At this moment it is only possible to speculate one thing that Aravind is appointed as the Indian Manager for the Pubg Mobile Game and to speculate anything beyond that will be useless as making fake hopes in the minds of the gamers is not a good thing.

Although, Pubg is still waiting for the approval of the Electronics and Information and Technology Department(MeitY). The department has also said to the company that the central government has still not given permission on the relaunch of the pubg in India.

The best alternative to play pubg in India is the installation of the APK FILE which is accessible in android. The gamers may need an access code in order to play the game and the users of the game will need to have more storage space as the Filespace is 625 MB.

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