Bucs' Super Bowl parade
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Tampa Fla- The organization has revealed the plans and updated for the upcoming Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl parade. All three teams that include the Bucs, Hillsborough County, and the City of Tampa have tied up and are planning to do a Bucs’ Super Bowl parade on a Wednesday afternoon along with Hillsborough River.

The city of Tampa officially announced that the parade will take place on the 10th of Feb at around 1 PM. The parade will be on along Tampa Riverwalk. The parade was organized due to the win in the match of the Bucs by 31-9 over the chiefs in the match of the super bowl SLV that was held on Sunday at the Raymond James Stadium.

The press release said that “As a reminder, masks are required outdoors in all Event Zones and Entertainment Districts, including downtown and along the Tampa Riverwalk,” Moreover the fans of the team are also invited in the parade in order to raise the flags for their victory in the match against the chiefs.

The order for the batters in the parade is that they can stay in the water but they have to remain 50 feet apart from the parade and are not allowed to participate in the parade.

The idea was given by the lightning to do a parade over the victory as they did the same thing as the boat parade when they won the match in the Stanley Cup in September and they tweeted the Bucs for this.

That’s all was the article about the Bucs’ Super Bowl parade at the Hillsborough River on Wednesday afternoon around 1 PM

The parade was planning to be done n Tuesday but due to some of the health issues of the payers of the team the parade was organized to be held on Wednesday. The fans of the team were allowed to participate in the team.

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