Amy Schneider
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Amy Schneider, star of “Jeopardy!” continues to smash game records. Schneider became the highest-ranked female participant in consecutive games won on Tuesday and has since continued to win, amassing a record-breaking 22-game winning run. She also smashed the record for the top female earner of all time last week.

Schneider has eclipsed Julia Collins for the most consecutive victories and Larissa Kelly for the most significant earnings by a woman since joining the game show. She is presently ranked fourth in both categories out of all participants.

Schneider is a transsexual engineering manager from Oakland, California.

So far, she has earned a total of $831,600 on the show.

“It happened to me months ago, and I’m still processing it. I never imagined matching Julia’s run in my wildest dreams. “Schneider took to Twitter following her 20th victory. “It’s difficult to put into words how I felt: pleased, disoriented, delighted, numb, all of the above. But, on top of everything else, I was hungry!”

Schneider donned a shirt commemorating Collins’ record for her 20th game, calling her participation in the program tremendously memorable.

Many trans contestants before Schneider did well on the game show, but Schneider is the first Transgender “Jeopardy” contestant to qualify for the Tournament of Champions on Thanksgiving.

She tweeted last month, alluding to a transgender pride flag pin she wore on the show. “The truth is, I don’t think about being Trans all that frequently, and so while going on national television, I wanted to reflect that part of my identity accurately: as significant, but also rather trivial. But I also didn’t want it to appear to be some sort of humiliating secret. While it’s encouraging to hear that people didn’t realize I was Trans until they read about it, I do want people to be aware of that component of my identity. Being Trans is awesome, in my opinion!”

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