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If the user is using the amazon app on a daily basis and is fond of using it, then the user must have found out that recently a few days ago Amazon App has just changed the icon for the shopping app with the same navigation line on the app icon. According to the analysis and the reports, we get the feedback for the app as negative as people don’t like it anymore but some of the changes in the app are now giving the user a better experience of use.

Amazon has just updated the design of its app a few weeks ago with the change in the bottom navigation bar. the navigation bar in the bottom allows the user to just click and then visit the bar he/she wants to go includes the links of the tabs such as home, your profile, shopping cart, and a menu for your orders, lists, account information, and more. The update to the Android version app is more related to the same app on an iOS device.

The icon change of the Amazon is done by the droid-life. The droid-life also points out that the app also now supports the change in font size feature and the same could be seen by the user in the various types parts of the app. Now overall the app looks clear than before and the change inside has come after the company has redesigned the logo for the app on an Android device.

And moreover, the app also features the pages for the other things like the food and the fresh and in contrast to the brands of which the products are being sold on the app. Now if the user navigated to the pages of the food and fresh then the user can see that the color of the background and effect color will change according to the brand for which the user is searching. And the thing is the most obvious when the user is not using the Amazon storefront.

According to the sources for a long time, people have been begging the company to change the app’s internal settings and now the prayers of the users have been fulfilled and now the user could see a better version of the Amazon App on an android device. The change in the app this time is a welcome change and now it is giving a better experience to the users for shopping online.

And at last, I suggest to the user that if he/she has still not updated the app then an update of the app is a must because of a new version.

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