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After Ever Happy came out in theatres in the fall. When will After Ever Happy come on Netflix?

The time has come to see the fourth part in the After series of movies. If you missed it in theatres, do not worry it is now heading to Netflix. Read more about the release date of After Ever Happy on Netflix.

When is After Ever Happy coming to Netflix?

At this time, we don’t have an exact release date, which is not surprising as we’re not expecting it before the end of the year. Based on previous release patterns, we expect it to release at some point in January 2023.

There are a few locations where the After Ever Happy is already available. If you’re in Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, and Japan, you’ll be able to watch the movie. There’s no need to wait! In these areas, the film is classed as a Netflix Original Movie.

It may get soon in some other locations, but Canada and the United States usually need to wait. At least we’re looking. Those in the UK will need to have Prime Video instead.

After Ever Happy is still in theatres, you can watch it there and stay tuned for the Netflix release date.

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