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Blueprint Pictures, which previously published A Very English Scandal on the Thorpe Affair starring Hugh Grant, is behind the new series. They’re back with A Very British Scandal, starring Claire Foy from The Crown as Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, and Paul Bettany from WandaVision as her husband Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll.

The three award-winning entries are a riveting depiction of the highly publicized and scandal-plagued Argyll v Argyll divorce case from 1963. The now-famous tragedy will be featured in a riveting miniseries that examines the postwar political atmosphere in Britain and societal perceptions about ladies in the 1960s.

The show has received five stars from The Guardian and The Independent, which is hardly unexpected considering the prominent people participating and the exciting source material. Violence, drug addiction, infidelity, bribery, and other heinous crimes are all on the menu for audiences wanting to watch A Very British Scandal.

Is it possible to watch A Very British Scandal on Netflix?

Netflix has a plethora of scandalous affairs in its library and a plethora of fascinating reality-based stories available to view right now. While this may create a slew of horrifying debates, it should be noted that A Very British Scandal is not public on Netflix.

However, as previously said, the streamer has so many arousing alternatives to pick from that viewers will undoubtedly have a delightfully provocative encounter.

Where can you watch A Very British Scandal?

A Very British Scandal will be accessible exclusively on Amazon Prime beginning April 22, 2022.

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