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Scientists’ community across the world has formulated multiple assumptions for the origin of the mysterious electromagnetic radiation from the region that carries neutron stars and black holes for decades. Previously, scientists assume that the bright portion of the black holes is nothing but massively high energy level radiations. During the radiation, the electrons move with the speed of light. But, scientists could not be able to unfold the mystery behind such force. 

More about the Recent Development

In a recent development, scientists at Columbia University explain the source of the force, which is responsible for the acceleration of these electrons. Lorenzo Sironi and Luca Comisso, two astrophysicists from the university, research on the topic for years. They took the help of supercomputer simulations to reach a definite conclusion. In a recently published paper, they revealed that the force is a result of the interaction between a powerful magnetic field and chaotic motion. 

During the interaction process, the magnetic field lines break and connect consistently. As a result, the force accelerates the electron to approach the light speed, revealed Luca Comisso, the first author of the report. 

The region hosts neutron stars, and black holes are full of gases in scorching temperatures. As the gases are in such high temperatures, its molecules undergo chaotic motion. Therefore, the magnetic field lines drag by the chaotic action. The scientists revealed that the acceleration is massive and easily beat any acceleration produced on the earth. 

Previously, scientists and researchers were unable to find the chaotic motion of the turbulent gas present in the region. Finding out turbulence by using mathematics is extremely difficult. As a result, both the researchers used a highly capable supercomputer to find the solution to this complicated equation. 

Sironi, the principal investigator of the study, reveals that they used the most advanced technologies to come to this conclusion. We used the particle-in-cell method to calculate the path of hundreds of billions of charged particles, Sironi added. 

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