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It’s safe to say that people have been wary of using margarine for a long time. However, the debate over whether to use margarine or butter has become a little more complicated. According to a recent Public Health Nutrition study, newer versions of margarine may now be a healthier alternative to butter.

In 2015, the FDA formally stated that partially hydrogenated oils, high in trans fats, could no longer be considered entirely safe for use in food. As a result, these synthesized trans fats are no longer permitted in food in the United States.

This is the point at which people’s perceptions of margarine begin to change. Before the ban, it was almost sure that your margarine contained these oils. However, after the ban, recipes began to evolve.

The report looked at current forms and brands of margarine to see if they posed any health risks or benefits. The researchers concluded that margarine was “better aligned” with health guidelines than regular butter, particularly in terms of cholesterol.

These findings are unexpected and can potentially change how people perceive margarine or butter in the future. However, even though margarine has become the “healthier choice,” it should still be consumed in moderation.
“While margarines are a better option than butter for heart health,” said Cecily Weber of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, “they should still be eaten sparingly, as they still have some saturated fat and a high energy density, which means they have a lot of calories per serving.”

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