3 Best Document Scanner App For Android

As we all know that there is plenty of a list of scanners in the world that a user can use in the mobile as well as the desktop version too. But here in this article, the user will get to know about the 3 of the best Document Scanner app that the user will like the most. All the 3 of these apps are the best for android and can be used in any android version and moreover there would be no bugs while using these apps on an Android device.

So, the list of the 3 apps starts with the first app for the Document Scanner is the most common app for most of the users and aware of it already is the Adobe Scan that is today’s time is used by almost everyone and there is rarely 1 out of 10 people who don’t know about the Adobe Scan.

1. Adobe Scan Document Scanner

Adobe scan is one of the best scanner apps for the Android versions to be used by one. The app provides the user to scan the documents that include the things like the notes, forms, documents, receipts, images, and with that also allows the user to convert and save the scanned document in a pdf format. The app is also easy and efficacious in use. Along with the use implies that the user has to just place the camera on the document and the app will automatically scan the document and show it t the user. After that, the user gets the option to edit the scan. The editing options include the options like the change in the color, crop, and many other options in context to that.

Along with this the app also allows the user to reorder the pages according to the wish if the pages are mismatched while the scanning process. Along with this, there is also a built-in OCR that allows the user to reuse the scanned document. The user can also scan multiple pages together and then can save them in a PDF file. In the end, the app also allows the user to send the PDF via email or any other app or can also save the same to the cloud too.

In simple words, the app covers almost all the important features that a scanner should offer to the user. And here comes the best part that the app is free of cost and doesn’t imply any of the ads and is also without the watermark.

2. Google Drive Document Scanner

The next option comes out of the use of Google Drive for the scanning of the documents. And I hope that many of the readers might get surprised to know that Google Drive has also an in-built feature for scanning documents. According to the tests of our team, it is claimes that the app is not mentioned to be an app for the Android scanner as it not much feature-rich and provides less of it but as we all know that Google drive is something that is already installed in most of the Android phones, so for small work the users can use it.

Now in order to use the same, the user has to first open the app and then has to search for the + icon at the bottom right corner. And the + icon will show the user more options that will include the scan option too. Now if the user wants to use the camera for scanning then he/she has to give permission for that. And that’s all the app provides all the editing features and there is no such separate feature that it provides.

3. Clear Scan Document Scanner

The app is the same as the other 2 apps and is available on the play store. The user can simply install it and then the user can use it. The Clear Scan provides the same range of features that the other 2 apps provide and provides the same level of sharing feature too. The main point of this app use is that the app is processing fast and is not slow. Moreover, the app also supports Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

And that’s all was the article about the 3 Best Document Scanner App For Android

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