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Ten years ago, Phil Schiller unveiled the lightning cable as the “modern connector for the next decade” at the same September 2012 Apple event where Apple announced its newest brainchild, the iPhone 5. The lightning port was first on the iPhone 5 and has been on every iPhone since.

In 2012, Apple transitioned from the 30-pin connector, debuting in 2003, to the lightning port’s reversible design and improved durability. Now, many Apple products and Android smartphones have switched to USB-C cables. For years, there have been various reports of iPhones switching to either completely wireless charging or USB-C.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple Analyst, reported in 2019 that the iPhone would drop the lightning port in its high-end 2021 lineup. While that did not go through, many expect the change to be implemented in the iPhone 14 in 2022.

Most recently, developments are showing that the iPhone 14 will be port-less. There will not be any USB-C or lightning port – purely wireless. It is expected to be on the Pro lineup first, with the rest of the iPhones later. Additionally, the wireless charging will include MagSafe capabilities. MagSafe launched with the iPhone 12 in the year 2020.

Additionally, the European Commission drafted a proposal to require USB-C to be the standard port across devices sold in Europe. This goes for headphones, smartphones, video games, tablets, and more. If this proposal passes, Apple has two years, by 2024, to bring its European devices into compliance.

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