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We already know those movie lovers everywhere had all kinds of sections to the movie, so we searched the depth of Tumblr and Twitter to round up just a few of the very best views on the West Side Story for you. Here we go:

1 Ryan Aguirr wrote on Twitter: “Why did we need to remake West Side Story” like bitch do you know how many times I’ve watched Batman’s parents die


Caption: @aguirreryan

2 Midgardian wrote on Twitter: Oscars noms for these both or I’ll riot #WestSideStory

Caption: @_captain_jay

3 Marc wrote on Twitter: West Side Story keeps you on your toes because every time you think you found the hot Jet there’s a hotter one


4 Alexandra Petri wrote on Twitter: I like to imagine a third gang in west side story where the only unifying factor is that the members failed the dance audition for the other two

every so often the camera pans past this sad group all snapping at different times and getting frustrated


Caption: @petridishes

5 Barry Bach wrote on Twitter: Highlights of the #WestSideStory movie (though it was all good):
1) Rachel Zegler
2) Mike Faist
3) (Unexpectedly) This film’s version of “Gee, Officer Krupke”


Caption: @barry_bach

6 Melissa wrote on Twitter: is west side story just about a lonely Latina obsessed with a mediocre white boy bitch I could do that in my house


Caption: @ellomelissa


7 Not trin wrote on Twitter: telling my kids bring it on in it to win it was the original west side story


Caption: @unknowntrin

8 Ella Kemp wrote on Twitter: WEST SIDE STORY more like fucking YES side story I love you Steven Spielberg!!!!!!!


Caption: @ella_kemp

9 Matt Bateman wrote on Twitter: To think that in one year we have had In The Heights, Tick Tick Boom, and now West Side Story. Three films that prove just how glorious and perfect movie musicals can be


Caption: @MattBateman1991

10 Cody wrote on Twitter: Kinda crazy that after the credits, it said “Maria will return in West Side Story 2”



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